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Treating Fibroids – Fibroids – How They Are Formed

Treating Fibroids – Fibroids – How They Are Formed

Fibroids are non cancerous, benign tumors. Research and documents have stated that fibroids are formed because of the over production of estrogen in our bodies which is naturally attained or because of the nutrition element of estrogen which could be found in soya products and also birth control pills also secretes estrogen which is documented that estrogen is one of the reasons for the increased growth in fibroids. Therefore no to soya products and also say no to the birth control pills.

Also there are certain foods which we eat which causes a higher production of estrogen in our bodies and this is triggered by eating animal products i.e. red meat and chicken. These animals are injected with pesticides (very high in estrogen) which makes them grow quicker in order that the farmers can sell them and make a tidy profit. But because of this, we women suffer by the pesticides turning into toxins and poisons in our body which the fibroids feeds on and thus grows bigger.

Fruits and vegetables which are sprayed with pesticides to keep bugs away also causes ills in our internal system and again we women suffer with the toxins entering into our body and causing fibroids to grow too.

So by eliminating the above foods and more, and eating organic foods instead, this will assist in controlling the growth of the fibroids and keeping the symptoms that so many women suffer with at bay.

We need to educate ourselves and self empower ourselves and learn more about our body externally and internally. By doing so, we will be able to take good care of ourselves, our life style and eating habits will change, you will feel so invigorated, full of vitality and re-energized by just changing the way you eat. So find out more about eating sensibly. My book reveals all to you – its not a difficult task to put to the test and in the long run, you will feel fantastic within you.…