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Choosing An Anemia Treatment That Works

Choosing An Anemia Treatment That Works

People who have an abnormally low level of hemoglobin are suffering from a condition called anemia. In the most obvious cases, this condition is caused by massive blood loss but in others, there are physiological problems that lead to the condition. For people in this situation, an effective anemia treatment is needed.

Hemoglobin is a protein that is needed for red blood cells to successfully carry oxygen to the various tissues. Oxygen is utilized by every cell found in the human body so the lack of this vital substance may also make any other medical problem worse. An anemic condition will eventually lead to destruction of tissue and a decrease in immunity and the ability to fight off disease.

The most common causes of anemia are a decrease in hemoglobin production, a decrease in the ability of the blood to absorb iron and nutritional habits that do not include enough iron.

An anemic condition usually progresses slowly as iron stores are released and used up. Male bodies normally store higher levels of iron because the female body tends to lose more during menstruation. When this condition is seen in men it is usually caused by bleeding ulcers or taking too much aspirin which will both result in blood loss.

Folic acid is needed for red blood cells to form and grow. This substance is not stored by the body so a dietary supply is needed to maintain appropriate levels. Liver and green leafy vegetables are rich in folic acid.

Insufficient amounts of B12 will also interfere with the production of blood cells. Good sources for this vitamin include dairy products, eggs and meat. People who adhere to strictly vegetarian diets must make sure they get enough of the vitamin from some other source.

Proper oxygenation of the tissues will be affected without enough iron in the blood. As one of the key components of hemoglobin, iron is required in sufficient amounts. A lack of iron can sometimes be caused by poor absorption.

People diagnosed with this condition often feel tired and weak in addition to finding it difficult to concentrate. There may be chest pain, headaches and shortness of breath, especially during exercise. In very severe cases, oxygen levels can drop low enough to start affecting vital organs and it can even result in a heart attack. In mild cases there may be no symptoms.

Treating this condition requires restoring the proper amounts of oxygen to the tissues and this may require an increase in red blood cell production. The bone marrow and kidneys must receive the proper supplies needed to function together in this process. Replenishing the nutrients will go a long way toward restoring normal levels of red blood cells and hemoglobin.

A proper treatment will get to the root cause of the condition. The body must be stimulated to bring up the levels of hemoglobin and red blood cells. It will also be important to address the rate of absorption of iron from the diet. Restoring proper nutrient levels will not lead to results if the cells cannot adequately absorb iron.…

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Understanding Iron Deficiency Anemia – Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Understanding Iron Deficiency Anemia – Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

What is Iron Deficiency Anemia?

Iron deficiency anemia occurs when the red blood cells that carry hemoglobin lack essential iron needed for optimal health. You need iron so that oxygen in the blood is carried to the appropriate tissues, and iron also plays a huge role in metabolic processes. This is why iron deficiency can lead to many physical problems.


If your diet is really poor and you do not get at least some of each major food group, lack of iron in your body can easily occur. If you are a very strict vegetarian, your diet definitely lacks iron.

Being pregnant causes a lack of iron in the blood many times.

Menstruating or having extremely heavy and painful periods can easily bring on anemia.

Donating blood too often

Crohn’s Disease can cause iron deficiency.

Also, some medications can create an iron production problem along with caffeine.

People that have kidney disease are likely to develop iron deficiency as well. This is due to the lack of EPO production which is a hormone made by the kidneys. EPO can be injected in kidney patients in order to restore the hormone and help the person to feel better. It usually needs to be injected several times per week.

Symptoms that you may have iron-deficiency anemia are:

1. Your fingernails break easily.

2. You may feel a lack of hunger.

3. You may be having a lot of headaches.

4. You may feel lethargic and weak

5. There might be a shortness of breath.

6. You may be feeling depressed or agitated.

7. Sometimes there are people that have a sore tongue.

8. Your skin color may be extremely pale.


The sure way to tell iron deficiency is to run a complete blood count. The complete blood count or CBC, will total the number or both red and white blood cells that you are making. The amount of hemoglobin can also be determined with this blood test.

Doctors may choose to run a test which tells them about the ability of your blood to bind with iron.There are also other blood tests that can tell your doctor exactly what your iron (serum) level is.


The treatments given are usually iron supplements unless the cause is kidney disease. Sometimes if the iron deficiency is too severe, a transfusion may be needed.

Dietary changes will probably also be given. Eating foods that provide the body with iron such as raisins, dried beans, (in other words legumes), fish, and some meats. Liver is about the best iron source.…

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How to Maintain Eye Health

eye health

Eyes are windows through which we can see many things. Eye care is needed for those who have eye problems or for eye health. Maintaining eye health is done so that the eyes do not get tired easily and can cause eye pain. Dr. Seivilia Artanti, Sp.M as an Ophthalmologist from Primaya Evasari Hospital Jakarta said that in fact there is no special treatment for normal eyes, but if you are experiencing problems, you should check your eyes at least once a year. But it’s good for normal eyes to check eye health at least once a year.

How to Maintain Eye Health According to Doctor Primaya Hospital

Ophthalmologist from Primaya Evasari Hospital Jakarta, Dr. Seivilia Artanti, Sp.M explained that doing eye care regularly is part of how to maintain our eye health. Such as trying to avoid getting too close in reading or watching television. Don’t be too hung up on looking at computer screens or gadgets and don’t rub your eyes harshly and so on.

According to Doctor Seivilia Artanti, he is currently working on a campaign to make the public aware of eye health and eye care. For example, by not treating your own eyes without a prescription from a doctor. “Actually, the medicines sold in pharmacies are probably just eye drops for minor eye diseases. So if you have mild eye complaints, it is possible for someone to buy over-the-counter drugs at the pharmacy. However, you should not use eye drops without a doctor’s prescription. Because drugs without a doctor’s prescription if used improperly can cause dangers such as blindness.” explained the ophthalmologist.

Some people also still use herbal medicine as an alternative in eye treatment. Even though until now there has been no scientific research that proves it. For example, herbal medicine can cure eye pain by using betel leaf. Doctor Seivila added that betel leaf is not recommended for eye drops. Because usually the betel leaf after being boiled in hot water and then weighed, it is not certain whether the leaves are clean and whether the water is also hygienic because when we weigh the eyes the water is usually cold. “Perhaps his eyes are still infected with wounds, coupled with being weighed like that makes it easier for fungi to enter the eyes,” he explained.

Healing Eye Pain

Dr. Seivilia Artanti, Sp.M as an Ophthalmologist from Primaya Evasari Hospital Jakarta stated that eye pain is a pain that can actually heal itself. “It is possible when we have eye pain and use eye drops to say it heals, when in fact it will heal by itself,” said Doctor Seivilia.

In cataract patients, healing of eye pain can also be done with Phacoemulsification which is one of the eye surgery techniques that does not make large wounds and heals quickly. The operation only lasted about 20 minutes.

While the healing of eye disease in premature infants ( Retinopathy of prematurity – ROP) is usually screening for babies born prematurely. Babies born prematurely have not yet matured all of their limbs, including the eyes, usually the nerves of the eyes are not perfect. Retinopathy of prematurity can also occur due to rubella infection when the mother is pregnant. Treatment for ROP is laser therapy or cryotherapy.…

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G6PD Anemia

G6PD Anemia

G6PD anemia is a disorder in which the red blood cells are destroyed faster than the bone marrow can produce them. It is occurs due to the lack of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase enzyme that is normally found in the blood. Another name for the disease is hemolytic anemia. The red blood cells carry the oxygen molecules through the body, and if they are destroyed, severe fatigue and other health problems can occur.

Some of the symptoms of G6DP anemia are lack of color in the skin, yellowing the eye and skin, dark colored urine, and spleen enlargement, as well as an increased heart rate. These symptoms may resemble the same symptoms of other blood disorders. Some medicines can also cause this type of anemia by inhibiting the proper flow of oxygen molecules in the body.

While it can be caused by outside forces, most cases of G6DP anemia are caused by genetic factors. It is inherited through the genes on the X chromosome. These chromosomes are the structures in our body that contain the codes for the all of our individual traits, such as blood type and eye color. All the human beings have 46 individual chromosomes (or 23 pairs). The last pair determines the gender: i.e. male have one X and one Y chromosome and while females have two X chromosomes. The particular deficiency present in genetic G6PD anemia is carried through the female line to their children.

G6PD anemia can be diagnosed by a simple blood test. In most cases, it is doesn’t cause any serious problems for the individual unless they are exposed to certain foods or medications will cause additional damage to the red blood cells. It can be diagnosed by a doctor based on a thorough work up of your medical history, medications, and sensitivities to certain substances, as well as with some thorough blood work. The treatment for this condition is avoiding certain foods, medications, and some environmental exposures.

Before taking any type of meditation, patients need to consult a doctor. Remember, this disease mainly occurs in males, though females can get it, too. It is a big cause of jaundice in newborns, so if your baby has signs of jaundice, you should have him or her tested for this condition.…

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Intracranial Space Occupying Lesions – Subdural Hematoma

Intracranial Space Occupying Lesions – Subdural Hematoma

This is collection of blood between the dura and the arachnoid. This may follow injuries which may be apparently trivial or even unnoticed. The development of the hematoma may be acute (within 3 days), subacute (within two weeks) or chronic (within months). Chronic subdural hematomas are more common in alcoholics, epileptics, patients receiving anticoagulants therapy and in dehydrated children. Sudden reduction of ICT following shunt surgery for hydrocephalus or even lumbar puncture may give rise to subdural hematoma.

Common cuase of subdural hematoma is bleeding from super-ficial veins or venous sinuses but is may also develop as a complication of cerebral hemorrhage or cortical tumors. The usual sites are the frontal, anterior temporal, and parietal regions. The lesion is bilateral in 10% cases. The hematoma may consist of fluid or clotted blood or blood mixed with CSF (subdural hygroma).

The hematoma consists of fluid blood covered on the inner and outer aspects by layers of fibrin. The blood is defribrinated on account of the constant pulsation of the brain. The high protein content of the fluid from the surroundings and enlarges, thereby increasing the ICT. Subdural hematoma may be the only lesion in many patients. In hematoma or intracerebral hemorrhage. Acute and subacute subdural hematomas are often associated with cerebral contusion, laceration or edema.

Clinical features: The symptoms, in general are similar to those of extradural hematoma but less dramatic and often typical. Chronic subdural hematoma differs in symptomatology from the acute and subacute varieties. It presents as dementia, altered behavior, psychiatric manifestations, or focal neurological deficits. The level of consciousness fluctuates. History of trauma may be doubtful or may be absent in many cases. In the middle aged and elderly, headache, contralateral hemiplegia and papilledema are the prominent features. Children present with vomiting, restlessness, irritability, refusal to feed, anemia, seizures and failure to thrive.

Diagnosis: In the acute and subacute forms, diagnosis may be easy. Around 60% of cases of fracture of the skull show accompanying subdural hematoma. A high degree of clinical suspicion is necessary for the diagnosis of chronic subdural hematoma in the elderly and children, especially so if history of trauma is not forthcoming. CT scanning shows up the hematoma clearly in almost all cases. In its absence angiography is the investigation of choice. The hematoma appears as a clear avascular zone between the compressed brain below and the skull above.

Course and prognosis: Acute subdural hematoma which is often associated with underlying injury to the brain is associated with a mortality of 40-60%. Sudacute and chronic subdural hematomas act as progressive space occupying lesions and end fatally. If left untreated. If treated in time, recovery is complete and prognosis is excellent.

Treatment: Surgical evacuation should be undertaken without delay, after locating the hematoma, Medical therapy consists of measures to lower intracranial tension and anticonvulsants.…

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Uterine Fibroids and Anemia-Solutions to Help With Fibroid Bleeding

Uterine Fibroids and Anemia-Solutions to Help With Fibroid Bleeding

If you are worried about uterine fibroids and anemia and would like to know if there are any solutions for fibroid bleeding, you have come to the right place. There are a number of simple steps you can take which will certainly help.

Some women experience bleeding throughout their menstrual cycle. For others, very heavy bleeding might be experienced during rather lengthy periods, lasting 7 days or more. Bleeding can be so severe that some women do not leave the house during their periods and may use plastic bedsheets at night. I also know of many women who use the thickest incontinence pads to help mop up the flow.

Because of heavy bleeding, women are right to worry about the association between uterine fibroids and anemia.

Fibroids can cause havoc with normal menstrual flow. There are a number of reasons for the increased bleeding and these include:-

* A blockage caused by the fibroid can inhibit normal menstrual flow causing blood to back up and seem heavier when finally released

* Uterine congestion changes the nature and flow of blood

* An increase in blood vessels occurs when fibroids form, resulting in an increased blood flow

Fibroid bleeding can be reduced by trying some of the following steps. In addition, the anemia caused by uterine fibroids will also be helped. It’s best to experiment and maybe take a doctors advice to see which are best for you:-

* Start taking supplements of Vitamins A C and E. In addition, Folic Acid and Vitamin B12 are good for uterine fibroids and anemia

* Try an anti-inflammatory, such as Ibuprofen

* Lie down regularly with your legs raised

* Avoid tampons

* Use a heat pad to improve the flow of blood to the pelvic region

* Eat healthy, iron rich foods such as lean organic beef, dark green leafy vegetables and egg yolks

Of course, the best solution is a permanent one and due to the nature of fibroids, conventional medication can only bring symptomatic relief. The causes of your fibroids remain and they will often regrow, even after drug treatment and surgery.

Natural methods work very well for some women concerned about uterine fibroids and anemia and when used properly, can provide a long term solution.…

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Treating Fibroids – Eating and Drinking Healthily

Treating Fibroids – Eating and Drinking Healthily

Its all about learning about your body – and finding what your body can break down easily and what it can’t. Red meat has always been a difficult food to digest. Red meat is not appropriate for the intestines because once we chew the meats and it tries passing through the intestines, it usually gets stuck and blocks the intestines therefore unless we eat foods which will remove the blockage, the waste turns into toxins which then causes us ills.

Red meat isn’t popular around the liver and kidney area. Those organs are always busily trying to break down the food particles and are always happy to see the likes of raw foods and healthy drinks passing through because their work is easy then. Once the body starts eating all the steaks, burgers, beef and lamb, it takes longer to digest and longer to eliminate.

Eating healthily is definitely worth the effort. Our body systems are used to being able to digest foods and break down the particles easily so introducing raw foods and living foods which are not cooked and which are lighter food substances enables the body to function in a better manner.

Eating healthily to assist in keeping the fibroids at bay would definitely welcome raw foods i.e. all salads, fruit and vegetables – preferably organic. The goodness these foods possess is unbelievable and you have to experience what transformation such basis foods offers the body if eaten on a regular basis without incorporating cooked foods which destroys the enzymes which the body craves for in order for the body to operate systematically and perfectly.

As well as eating healthily, you need to make sure your intake of drinks is pure juice or smoothie (home made), plenty of water and also herbal teas would suffice. Fruits and vegetables can be juiced in a juicer and drank at least half an hour before each meal and this boosts your vitality rating and also your energy level 10 fold. Finding the right balance is the key to a healthy appetite. Take gradual steps to changing the way you eat. Its all worth it. There are plenty of recipes which could help you on your way to transforming you into a healthier you.…