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Anemia, Common Symptoms – A General Overview of Anemia & Treatment

Anemia, Common Symptoms – A General Overview of Anemia & Treatment

Individuals that suffer from anemia suffer from a blood based disorder where the actual red blood cells produced in the body are typically much larger than what is considered to be normal. In addition to this, there are low levels of the substance called hemoglobin.

This substance is responsible for moving oxygen from one area of the body to all the other areas of the body. There are many reasons why a person may develop this medical condition. The most common causes are vitamin and mineral deficiencies, complications in the digestive tract, and even complications associated with the proper absorption of medications.

Common Symptoms

There are many common symptoms associated with Anemia. In the beginning stages of the condition, it is common for the patient to feel as if they have lost their appetite. As a result of not being hungry, less food is consumed and large levels of fatigue are experienced.

Many individuals will discover that the nails on their toes and the ones on their fingers become weak and brittle. It is common for skin discoloration, such as paleness, to occur in the facial area – particularly the lips. Weight loss and a general level of weakness may be experienced. In addition to these symptoms, there are other symptoms that may appear in blood work results.


When it comes to treating the condition of anemia, most doctors will attempt to uncover the ultimate cause for the condition. Once the cause is established, they will draw up a treatment plan that will be tailored to the patient as an individual. This plan may include taking nutrients in the form of a multivitamin or mineral.

Many individuals will need to make adjustment to their diets. If the patient has the condition due to another medical condition, that issue will be treated. If you or someone that you know suffers from anemia, it is important to ensure that the treatment plan is followed closely.…

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Symptoms of Celiac Disease

Symptoms of Celiac Disease

What exactly are the symptoms of Celiac Disease? It is so often under diagnosed and missed by the medical profession. Is it possible that you may have it?

Firstly it is important to understand that Celiac Disease affects the villi of the small intestine. The small intestine is the third stage of digestion.

Your mouth starts the process with production of enzymes as you chew your food. Then your stomach macerates all the food up and begins to chemically break it down. From then it moves into the small intestine where intestinal juice is secreted and more enzymes begin to break it down further into different nutrients and the process of absorption takes place. Proteins, fats and carbohydrates are absorbed from here.

The whole small intestine is about 5m long, but instead of it lying flat, it is coiled up into finger like projections, to increase its surface area for more absorption to take place. This is the area known as the Villi. Once absorbed from there, it moves into the blood stream and passes these nutrients onto each and every living cell to maintain life. The small intestine is also involved in protection against infection by lymph nodes.

In Celiac Disease, those villi in the small intestine have atrophied. They are lying flat. So if they cannot work to absorb the proteins, fats and carbohydrates, the whole body will be affected. Gluten destroys the villi, the centre of absorption.

Bearing in mind now that all these symptoms will in some way be related to the malfunctioning of the small intestine. Lets go through what some of those symptoms are:

Abdominal bloating and pain.

Chronic diarrhea.

Vomiting and nausea.

Pale, foul-smelling, or fatty stool

Acid Reflux/Indigestion

Due to the problems in the Villi, absorption has malfunctioned and nutrients pass straight out of the body, leading to the chronic diarrhea. There are more microbes that can enter the system and particles of food are not digested. More infection can spread leading to constant “gastro”. The bowel flora is upset and due to lack of healthy gut bacteria, bloating and cramps may occur. Because food substances are not being absorbed, they can pass right through, leading to the gas, pale and foul smelling stools. Because stomach acid is not being neutralized in the small intestine, acid passes back up the oesophagus.

Because a celiac patient is not absorbing all the correct nutrients, he or she is basically malnourished and therefore very thin.(Weight Loss)

There is usually iron-deficiency anemia, due to malabsorption of iron and poor intake of calcium leads bone loss or osteoporosis.

There may also be:

•bone or joint pain

•depression or anxiety

•tingling numbness in the hands and feet ( known as neuropathy)



•missed menstrual periods

•infertility or recurrent miscarriage

•dermatitis herpetiformis ( occurs in about 20% of Celiac patients)

All of these can be explained by the defective mechanism in the gut. All the more reason once one has a correct diagnosis, to cut gluten completely out of ones diet, to allow for the gut to heal, and for al of these symptoms to alleviate.…

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Microcytic Anemia – General Facts Pertaining to Microcytic Anemia

Microcytic Anemia – General Facts Pertaining to Microcytic Anemia

Microcytic anemia is a disorder of the blood that is often characterized by red blood cells that are small in size. These cells are often referred to as “erythrocytes”. Individuals that suffer from this condition experience a condition in which the process that is referred to as “Hemoglobin Synthesis” fails.

In some instances, this results when there is a general shortage in the production of hemoglobin in the blood. There are many different reasons why an individual may develop this condition. Common causes include deficiencies pertaining to iron levels, and various types of chronic based disease.


There are many symptoms that may indicate that an individual has developed microcytic anemia. These symptoms include the following:

• The sufferer may start to notice that they do not have much of an appetite.

• Many may notice a drastic decrease in energy levels and moderate to severe fatigue as a result of this energy drop.

• It is common for a sufferer to have pale lips and they may even complain of their mouth being sore in general.

• The nails on the fingers and the toes typically become quite brittle.

• There are many people that experience weakness. This may be accompanied by dizziness.

While this is just a small list of symptoms associated with this form of anemia, these are the most common that are experienced.

Potential Treatments

There are many potential treatments that may be used to treat microcytic anemia. In most cases, a medical professional will test the blood and will discover that there are deficiencies within the body. These deficiencies may be directly related to specific vitamins, minerals, and other types of important nutrients.

As a result, many doctors will recommend supplements that will work to correct the deficiencies within the body. It is important that a sufferer avoids creating their own treatment plan. A medical professional should always take part in the development of this plan.…

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Treating Fibroids – What Foods to Eat?

Treating Fibroids – What Foods to Eat?

Drinking lots of water is a good thing – also eating as much raw food as possible is another transition. Raw foods are foods which are uncooked and the benefits include feeling younger in yourself, having more energy, clearer skin and an untroubled digestive system that is packed with enzymes because the food is not cooked. When we cook our foods we lose all the enzymes which are what the body craves in order to function perfectly. Recipes for raw foods can include tomato salad or any salad not cooked, vegetables chips, almond olive cream with hummus just a taster of what raw food cooking (preparation!) entails. Raw foods are all fruits and vegetables and you will be surprised with the type of recipes that you produce. No more dairy products – which forms mucus in the body and no more blowing your nose. Be creative and experiment with raw foods and discover new menus.

Through eating raw foods many people made the transition because of searching for an end to certain symptoms like chronic fatigue, cancer, candida and other allergies and the result were mind blowing. It may be difficult making the transformation from cooked foods to live raw foods but gradually introducing more salads into your daily eating would help you prepare yourself.

A lot of the time we tend to not take any illness seriously unless we are in a dilemma! Taking your eating seriously may not happen to you until you find yourself having to change the way you eat otherwise you could cause yourself to become ill. Why wait until then? Be one of those people who are looking for an alternative eating method – who want to eliminate all the bad foods and reintroduce the body with good healthy raw foods – who doesn’t want to wait until you have an illness and have to have a major operation. Start by gradually changing the way you eat now and look healthier, feel fitter and keep that way. Don’t you think that is a better way to deal with your health? Be healthier now and don’t wait any for any illness to arise – deal with improving your health right now. Listen to your body and make that transition.

I must admit that my diet was appalling and like so many people you would never think that there is a correlation between what you eat and your health. We need to look after ourselves and its about educating the others who take life for granted and just eat all the junk food possible and think its only obese people who have health problems with their foods – WRONG!

So eating mostly raw and organic foods and drink vegetable and fruit juices (which you should juice yourself in a juicer) works wonders to our internal system and also makes a difference to our external system by the change in the improvement of our skin, feel younger, more vitality, stronger hair and nails and so many other positive attributes to the body.…

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Premature Greying Hair

Premature Greying Hair

The early onset of grey hair can be rather embarrassing for both men and women. Some people start to go grey as early as their teens, early 20s or 30s; this can be classified as premature greying. Normally it is a gradual process.

Within the body there is a special type of cell known as Melanocytes which is concentrated within the epidermis throughout the skin. Through a process known as melanogenesis, the Melanocytes, are present in the hair follicles which are located next to the dermal sheath. The melanocytes are situated near the keratinocyte cells which produce keratin, the basic composition of hair. Melanocytes and keratinocytes both contribute to the hair pigmentation and growth.

Due to several reasons, the stem cells may produce less Melanocytes which interferes with sufficient production of melanin which produces healthy hair. Over time, hair will start to lose its natural colour due to a lack of pigmentation. This is due to the aging process where less pigment is produced as the person ages. Premature graying of the hair may be due to a genetic predisposition, however there are also certain lifestyle factors which play an influential part in graying hair which consist of:

Smoking. Research has found that smoking is extremely bad. It is linked withpremature ageing and can slow melanin production therefore causing loss of pigmentation in hair colour.

Stress. It has been established that there is a link between stress and graying hair. According to research excessive stress is the catalyst of free and unstable molecules that can damage vulnerable cells such as Melanocytes and interfere with melanin production. Stress is also a main cause of a sudden hair loss known as telogen effluvium which causes hair growth to stop prematurely causing the Melanocytes to shut down in the body.

Vitamin B12 deficiency anemia. Vitamin B12 and the other vitamins in the B group are essential for healthy hair growth. These vitamins are vital to ensure that adequate pigmentation is maintained in order to deter the growth of premature grey hairs.

If premature graying hair is brought on by conditions such as malnutrition including anemia graying of hair may only be temporary and when the underlying condition is corrected normal hair growth will resume. Healthy hair requires adequate nutrition otherwise you will notice that your hair will gradually become lighter, thinner and extremely brittle.

It is possible to conceal grey hair with hair colour but you will need to ensure that the colour can provide full grey coverage as not all colours are designed for grey hair. Unfortunately grey hair is often dry and the colour may dry it out even more and therefore a wig or hair piece may be more of a practical option.

It is possible that hair thinning causes can be addressed if properly diagnosed by a medical professional.…

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Some Lymphoma Symptoms

Some Lymphoma Symptoms

Lymphoma is a kind of cancer that affects the patient’s lymphatic cells. These are part of the immune system. Naturally, it is a serious medical condition. Someone that has this cancer may show lymphoma symptoms. Do keep in mind, however, that a person could have this malignancy without displaying any of the symptoms mentioned here. Also, what you read on this page isn’t a complete list — nor is it, of course, intended to be used in place of advice from a doctor.


The condition known as anemia may develop as one of the lymphoma symptoms. While anemia can refer to multiple situations, in many cases it is an instance of fewer than normal red blood cells in the individual’s blood. This can medically occur in multiple ways: whether by a lack of sufficient production of them, by their destruction in high amounts, or by a the loss of a significantly high amount of blood. These, at least, are the three main ways in which it can occur.

Aside from lymphoma, other medical causes of anemia are also possible. For instance, it may be due do a deficiency in vitamin B12. In this case, the condition is labeled as the pernicious form.

Shortness of breath

A person who has lymphoma may also experience breathlessness as a symptom. This is far from the only medical cause, however. Congestive heart failure is another possible reason. It can also occur in instances of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which is where chronic bronchitis and emphysema are present at once. Asthma is also a reason behind shortness of breath. Pneumonia and many other medical reasons can also be behind it. There are various diagnostic methods that can be used to look for or rule out possible causes, with a chest X-ray being one of the possibilities. There may be particular treatment methods that are aimed at this cause, if it is found.…

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Treating Fibroids – The Importance of Changing Foods

Treating Fibroids – The Importance of Changing Foods

Being diagnosed with fibroids and making a decision whether or not to undergo the hysterectomy operation, I had to think quickly because I could be operated on the very next day. I could not decide whether to go through the operation I was confused, stressed and doubted my ability to make the decision.

Once I had made the decision, I decided I had to find an alternative way of dealing with the heavy blood loss and talking to a dear friend who had experienced what I was going through and had controlled her bleeding and her fibroid growth, I decided to follow the same strategy that she used. I could not think twice, whether or not the foods I had to stop eating was going to be tough or not, I had not choice. Once I had made up my mind to either eat and drink sensibly or undergo the major operation, I had to focus on saving my uterus and first of all controlling the amount of blood that I was losing.

It didn’t enter my mind at all what I was missing where foods were concerned. My ultimate goal was to save my uterus. So I followed this new health plan to a “T” – no more red meats, no chicken, unless organic and more fruit and vegetables with fish – coupled with excellent herbal organic supplements and lots of juicing.

In the first week of my newfound health plan, I felt invigorated, I felt different, I felt that I did not want to touch any bad foods, I was happy continuing the way I was eating! I noticed I visited the toilet more often, I noticed my stool was much softer and I was getting used to eating differently and more healthily. It was a journey that was a big eye opener to the way I have been eating for so many years and the change in foods was a welcoming introduction to what now is my healthy way of eating and drinking.

Changing the way you eat more healthily is for the best. You will feel better emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. You will feel revitalized, energized and full of strength, combating tiredness and stress. It’s a fantastic feeling once you stop eating red meat, stop drinking milk and alcohol and transforming your meals to healthier meals will thus change your way of eating and drinking and at the same time, you will have introduced more nutrients, minerals, enzymes and much more healthier ingredients into your body.…