Anemia and How to Treat it Holistically

Anemia and How to Treat it Holistically

Anemia is usually considered to be an iron deficiency and the normal medical treatment is to flood your system with an isolated and synthetic iron supplement. This may give you a boost of energy in the short term, but is not going to fix the cause of the problem. Which is that you can’t assimilate the iron you receive in your diet.

It’s probably not that you don’t get enough iron. It’s all about an imbalance in you. You’re not able to use what you do get. Other symptoms are a pale skin, especially your face or gums. That and low energy. Basically anemia is all about the blood. About low levels of haemoglobin in your blood.

In homeopathy, we recognise that sickness is because of an energetic imbalance in your immune system. And it’s only when this is addressed that your sickness will quietly disappear for good.

The homeopathic remedy Ferrum phosphoricum (Ferrum phos for short) is made from the mineral salt iron phosphate. The combination of ferrum and phosphate is particularly effective for re-establishing balanced levels of haemoglobin in the blood.

Blood is at the centre of Ferrum phos. That means anemia (hence the paleness). It means haemorrhages, or bleeding, which can be from anywhere. It could be your nose, or any orifice. But this is venous blood, relating to the veins rather than the pump action bleeding from the arteries. So the bleeding is passive or sluggish.

Even though the blood is from the veins, it’s bright in colour, rather than the dark colour normally associated with venous bleeding.

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So discharges are frequently blood stained. They can look a bit like meat water. If this symptom picture looks like you, then this remedy is likely to not only help your anemia in the short term, but to redress the lack of balance too, so resolving it permanently.