Anemia Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at a Glance

Anemia Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at a Glance

Many doctors have discovered that a form of therapy referred to as “Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy” or “HBOT” is an effective treatment for individuals that suffer from Anemia. Anemia is a complication that is directly related to the red blood cells in the body. These cells provide color to the blood in the body and also work to deliver varying degrees of oxygen to all of the components of the body.

The Anemia patient that participates in this form of therapy will breathe in oxygen that is considered to be pure. This occurs in a chamber that is sealed and has been completely pressurized so that it is at least one to three times that of a normal pressure system in the atmosphere.

The Process

The process behind Anemia Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is actually quite simple. However, if you have been assigned this treatment, it is important to know and understand what to expect from it. First, you may be placed in a chamber that is suitable for one person, or one that is suitable for several people. Once you are in the air chamber, the pressure will gradually be increased over time.

It is pressurized by the purest form of oxygen possible. As the pressure increases, you may notice that the ears start to experience a popping sensation. Many patients complain of general discomfort in the ears apart from the popping sensation as well. The session may last up to two hours, and then pressure is decreased at a slow rate.

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Possible Complications

While this type of Anemia treatment is considered to be safe for most individuals, there are some possible complications and side effects that may occur. Those that are not comfortable with tight spaces may discover that they are really uncomfortable psychologically being placed in an individual chamber.

Many may develop a headache due to the fact that they are exposed to varying degrees of pressure. Additionally, many experience mild to severe fatigue immediately thereafter. Despite the challenges that may come with this form of Anemia treatment, there have been many positive results from this type of therapy.