Anemia Symptoms – A General Overview of Anemia Symptoms

Anemia Symptoms – A General Overview of Anemia Symptoms

Anemia is a potentially complicated situation that may become potentially life threatening if left untreated. This medical condition results in many symptoms among those that suffer from it. It is important to understand that the actual symptoms that are experienced will be based on the general level of health that the sufferer has as well as the ultimate cause of the condition.

Many healthcare providers have found that there are certain diseases and conditions that actually mimic anemia symptoms. If anemia is suspected, the doctor will conduct a thorough examination, get a detailed history, and perform various types of Anemia diagnostic tests.

Common Symptoms

There are many symptoms that are considered to be common that an individual may experience it they develop anemia. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Many will discover that their energy is quickly depleted. Naturally, this will lead to moderate through severe fatigue levels.

• Many patients will complain of cramping in the body – particularly in the legs.

• It is not at all uncommon for a sufferer to notice that their heart is beating rapidly.

• Complications with cognitive functioning such as memory, concentration, and focusing the attention span may become challenging.

• The skin may actually turn quite pale.

Uncommon Symptoms

Just as there are many common anemia symptoms, there are a lot of uncommon anemia symptoms as well. These symptoms do not occur in most cases, but have been known to. The following represents some of these symptoms:

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• Many will experience what is called “Pica”. This means that they want items that are out of the norm to fulfill their hungry. Many may desire to eat dirt, while others want to eat paper.

• Many may experience mild to severe forms of dementia.

• There are many that will experience physical complications, such as challenges in walking and a general weakness.

If you feel as if you may be suffering from anemia symptoms, it is important to make an appointment with your healthcare provider. This individual will be able to confirm the diagnosis and even issue you treatments in order to alleviate some of the most troubling of symptoms.