Anemia Symptoms – Their Causes and How to Treat it Naturally

Anemia Symptoms – Their Causes and How to Treat it Naturally

Anemia symptoms are normally a pale skin and gums with fatigue. The causes can be many and varied, but the effect is that the reduced haemoglobin in your blood prevents the right amount of oxygen from being delivered to your cells.

So, it’s not surprising that you’re tired.

The causes can include:

a poor diet

a substantial blood loss

taking medication

after toxin exposure

an imbalance in your blood cell production

The normal treatment of anemia is to flood your system with an isolated and synthetic iron supplement. Whilst this may help in the short run, it’s likely to cause problems of its own in the long term.

Lets run through what to do for each of the causes.

A poor diet can cause all sorts of deficiencies, not just anemia symptoms. Eating proper, fresh food and avoiding processed food, will go a long way to improve your overall health.

Taking a super food supplement, such as blue green algae can also help with these deficiencies.

If you have lost a lot of blood, the anemia will disappear when your blood levels come back up. This may take time.

If you take medication, anemia and other nutrient deficiencies can arise. Seeing a professional homeopath can help resolve the imbalances that require you to take the medications.

If you have been exposed to toxins, this may require professional help. But the super food blue green algae can also help rid your body of the toxins.

An imbalance is the most likely cause of your anemia. It may be helped by taking the homeopathic medicine Ferrum phosphoricum. This is available as a tissue salt. Tissue salts need to be taken about four times a day. Higher potencies from a homeopathic pharmacy, needs far fewer doses.

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Your anemia symptoms may be telling you to take some action now, before things deteriorate.