Ankylosing Spondylitis – Ouch

Ankylosing Spondylitis – Ouch

Anklyosing spondylitis causes inflammation and stiffness in the sacroiliac joints and in the spine. It is a rare rheumatological disorder and is characterized by a posture that is – bent forward. Most cases occur in men 20 – 40 years of age.

The symptoms include stiffness in the morning, pain along the sciatic nerve, and low back pain. As the condition progresses the pain can spread to the middle and/or higher area of the back and neck. You may also have pain in your legs and arms, your muscles may feel rigid and still even more stiffness, some weight loss and anemia.

If you believe you are suffering from this test for gastrointestinal issues. A stool sample to identify and rule out bacterial, fungal, amoebic, or other parasitic problems; also assess your need for digestive enzymes and test for food allergies. A good testing procedure is Electodermal Screening.

To resolve this issue change, if needed, to a whole foods diet with a lot of organic vegetables, many holistic physicians have had success treating this by identifying and eliminating those foods that you may be allergic to.

The King’s College Hospital in London have been researching ankylosing spondylitis and have found a link between ankylosing spondylitis and bowel dysbiosis. They also found that most of the patients that were put on a low-starch diet had the progression of their symptoms come to a stop.

Candida albicans that is a naturally occurring fungus in the body can also be involved in damaging the gastrointestinal tract if the Candida is in a state of overgrowth. The Klebsiella bacteria, which is the bacteria found in bowel dysbiosis is allowed into the bloodstream by the presence of the Candida overgrowth. So, an anti-candida, low-fat diet, supplemented with the friendly bacteria of L. bulgaricus and Lactobacillus acidophilus will help to regenerate normal bowel flora.

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The following mixture of herbs will help ease the symptoms: Combine tinctures of black cohosh, meadowsweet, prickly ash, willow bark, nettle and celery seed in equal parts. Take A� teaspoonful 3 times a day. If you also have rheumatoid arthritis, add valerian and wild yam to the mixture.

Equal parts of the juice from carrots, parsley, alfalfa, beet celery and potato will also help.

Take vitamin C also until you have loose stools then reduce your intake until the bowel symptoms decrease.

In addition to all this electronic medicine will be helpful and the parasite, bowel, kidney, liver and metal cleanses should all be done. There is a link at the bottom of this article to more information about electronic medicine and the cleanses.