Beware! Weight Loss And Fatigue Could Also Be Caused By Anemia – Know The Importance Of Hemoglobin

Beware! Weight Loss And Fatigue Could Also Be Caused By Anemia – Know The Importance Of Hemoglobin

Are you feeling weak? Do you experience problem in breathing? Do you look pale than before? Calm down. You are on the right article. These are all symptoms of an easily curable disease called anemia.

What is anemia? : Anemia is a disorder characterized by low RBC count or low hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the oxygen transporter of our body. It transports oxygen from lungs to all our body parts. If this soldier of our body is disappointed the following symptoms appear.


1. Fatigue

2. Intolerance to cold

3. Paleness

4. Low tolerance power

5. Less energy

6. Difficulty to do mental work to some extent

7. Less energy, less growth and hence weight loss!

In fact, anemia is a sign of disorder and a diagnosis.

Types of anemia

Nutritional anemia: it develops due to malnutrition caused by insufficient amounts of iron, vitamin B12 or the necessary amino acids in the diet.

Pernicious anemia: it develops due to insufficient production of erythrocytes resulting from an inability of body to produce the intrinsic factor that is needed for vitamin B12 absorption in the body.

Hemorrhagic anemia: it is an excessive loss of RBC’s due to heavy bleeding commonly caused by large wounds, stomach ulcers or menstrual bleeding. Excessive hemorrhagic anemia is fatal.

Hemolytic anemia: it develops due to haemolysis of erythrocytes. Haemolysis may occur due to inherent genetic defects or due to hemolytic agents like parasites, toxins and antibodies formed because of incompatible bloods of the mother and the developing fetus. An example of hereditary hemolytic anemia is thalassemia. It results from a defect in synthesis of Hb leading to production of extremely thin and fragile erythrocytes.

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Aplastic anemia: it develops due to the destruction or inhibition of the red bone marrow. It is replaced by fatty tissue, fibrous tissue or tumor cells. Toxins, gamma radiations and certain medications are main causes.

Sickle-cell anemia: this develops due to abnormal kind of Hb being manufactured. When the erythrocytes give up its oxygen to the interstitial cells/fluid, the abnormal Hb forms long, stiff rod-like structures that bend the erythrocytes into sickle shaped erythrocytes rupture easily. Also such sickle shaped cells tend to get stuck in the blood vessels and cut off blood supply to the organ.

After reading all this an obvious question is what next? Can it be cured? Yes it can be. You need to take regular care of your body and of course, your hemoglobin count.

Normal range for women: 9-12.5

Men: 13-17

Sickle cell anemia is caused due to genetic disorder. So, it cannot be cured. Whereas, other types can be cured and body can be kept in healthy state by regular intake of some supplements.

Vitamin B12, folic acid, and iron are the main components needed in the food of an anemic person. Various supplements for these are easily available in the market. Some natural sources providing iron and folic acid are both plant as well as animal sources. This includes red meat, apple, spinach, peas and beans.

A bad news for tea and coffee lovers. Tea and coffee hinder the absorption of iron by the gastrointestinal tract. Orange, grapes banana will be useful. Dates, pomegranates and beetroots are considered best fruit for increasing hemoglobin level so eat these fruits as much as you can.

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