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A Close Look at Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual harassment takes place in just about all places, yet what has become a common place for this issue is the workplace. If you want to learn more about the types of sexual harassment that happens in the workplace, then be sure to check this site out.

Sexual harassment in the workplace is recognized legally in two ways. When it comes to sexual harassment, the first type is called quid pro quo sexual harassment and the second type is called the hostile environment harassment. In this site, you will be able to know the difference between the two of them.

With quid pro quo sexual harassment, this is where the employee will be offered a promotion or will be promised to keep their job if they give sexual favors in return. This kind of sexual harassment can also take place in an academic setting where students are offered a good recommendation or good grades when they return sexual favors to their professors. The person who will be committing quid pro quo sexual harassment will be someone who has the power or influence on the employment or academic status of the victim like a manager, a supervisor, as well as a teacher on the part of the student. For instance, a manager suggests that the employee should give him back and neck rubs or go on a date with them so that they can retain their job position or get a promotion. For this kind of sexual harassment, it does not matter if the victim agrees with the offer or gave into it. The victim has every right to file a sexual harassment case against the harasser because just this offer is enough to file one even if they will take it back later on.

Hostile work environment sexual harassment is the second type of harassment that happens in the workplace. This type of sexual harassment is that in which the manager, supervisor, or any co-worker for that matter will make some inappropriate sexual advances on another employee that will then affect their work performance. This also leads to the creation of a work environment that is hostile, intimidating, and offensive. Sexual harassment can be done verbally, physically, visually, and non-verbally. Verbal sexual harassment can come in the form of making sexual comments about the clothing, looks, and anatomy of another person. When it comes to non-verbal sexual harassment, on the other hand, this involves leering, glaring, and starting at someone. Visual sexual harassment includes the display of sexually suggestive posters, photographs, calendars, and cartoons in the workplace. With physical sexual harassment, on the other hand, an example would be the provision of massage on the shoulders and around the neck of the victim who in anyway does not consent such actions. For this kind of sexual harassment, the employer is liable whether or not they have knowledge about the sexual harassment being done on one of their employees and just ignore it.

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Guidelines for Choosing the Right Company for the Commercial Painting Services

The working building looks more beautiful with the right painting. On the off chance that the first paint of the building is vanishing it’s great to ensure that contract the correct experts to take the errand. The external appearance of your business building will communicate to your customers the attention you have for your business. The crowded painting industry become a real hassle to the people that are choosing the best-qualified service provider. Follow the guidelines listed in this article to employ them when you are hiring a commercial painting services provider.

To start with considering the commitment of the service provider. It’s very important to know if the commercial painter is readily available for the services. When you are conversing with the contractor whether through the call, SMS or an email it’s vital that you ask on when the laborers are accessible for the assignment. The Company that you are hiring should be flexible to ensure they can offer the services when you need it. Go for the company that has many service provider to meet the customers demand immediately.

Secondly, think about the year’s o involvement in the painting industry. It’s good when you are hiring a commercial painter to look for a contractor with many years of experience. This means that the painter has gained enough knowledge of the quality paint that will match perfectly with your building. Such specialist organization additionally have the best strategies to apply when painting to ensure that the work of art can stand the trial of time.

The other point to deliberate about is the perception of other people about the company services. The neighbors that have painted their buildings soon can be of great help to realize the company services that you can trust for your painting needs. It’s not good to be attracted by the company adverts only but you should also do a research from other clients that have the experience of the company performance. The specific company website also contains the comments from the company customers though you should not rely on them fully since some of them are manipulated. The company with good reputation guarantee you quality painting services that you can expect.

The other tips to consider is the cost for the services. Despite that all the painting companies offer the same services, the price of the services differ. You should make sure that you have a budget that will help you to choose the company services that you can afford. Also make sure to compare the prices from different painting companies so that you can choose the one that provides quality painting services and charging fairly for the services. You ought not to get attracted to low price painting services since they may cost you significantly later.

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Where To Start with Professionals and More