Dogs – Garlic Kills and Other Myths

Dogs – Garlic Kills and Other Myths

As loving pet owners, we all know that there are certain foods that we should never give our dogs.  The list is quite long, actually.  It includes garlic, salt, baby food, and many more common, everyday ingredients.  However, rarely do we hear why.

Why shouldn’t I let my dog have garlic?

Well, garlic contains the ingredient thiosulphate.  When a dog ingests a toxic amount of this ingredient, it is very possible for them to develop, what is referred to as, Hemolytic Anemia.  The symptoms include labored breathing, vomiting, discolored urine, diarrhea and liver damage.

Scary, isn’t it?

What they don’t tell you is that it takes a large amount of thiosulphate to cause this kind of damage.  As a matter of fact, garlic used for seasoning purposes will not have any effect on your pooch.  And as an added benefit, treats made with garlic have been known to repel fleas!

Salt- How much is too much?

Just like people, dogs can certainly have too much salt in their diets.  Salt taken in huge quantities can cause electrolyte imbalances.  However, just like garlic, salt used for the purpose of seasoning won’t really affect your pooch.

Baby food- If it’s good enough for my baby, why can’t I feed it to my dog?

With the exception of the fruit flavored varieties, most jars of baby food contain onion and/or garlic powder.  Now onion powder does carry a risk that garlic powder doesn’t.  Some dogs are affected by the thiosulphate it contains.  Yes, garlic powder has the same ingredient, but in a much smaller quantity.  

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Feeding your dog baby food and only baby food will likely cause a nutritional deficiency, as well.  However, feeding your dog baby food as part of a dog food recipe will not have any consequences beyond the begging for more!

I hope after reading this you will realize that not all toxic foods are created equal.  As much as I love to make my favorite pup garlic biscuits for flea control, you will never catch me giving him chicken bones or chocolate.  When feeding your pet treats, it’s all about moderation anyway.  After all, they call them ‘treats’ for a reason!