Facts – Alcoholism & Iron Deficiency Can Develop Anemia!

Facts – Alcoholism & Iron Deficiency Can Develop Anemia!

There are several different conditions that may result in the development of anemia. Naturally, these causes are broke down into common causes and not so common causes according to medical professionals. It is important to know and understand that no one individual is completely immune to developing this disorder involving the red blood cells. In this health guide, you will learn about the various causes associated with this particular blood disorder.

Iron Deficiency

Many individuals develop anemia as a result of an iron deficiency in their body. In the bone marrow of the body, red blood cells are created. In order for these cells to be produced, iron must be present in the marrow. If there is a deficiency, the overall structure of the hemoglobin based molecule is affected.

This lack of iron is often a direct result of a low iron intake in the diet. Individuals that suffer from anemia that is due to a deficiency when it comes to iron are said to suffer from a specific type of anemia that is identified by medical professionals as “Iron Deficiency Anemia”.


Many medical professionals have determined that individuals that consume alcohol on a regular basis may develop anemia. This is mostly because of the fact that when a person drinks alcohol, the various minerals and the vitamins in the person’s body are depleted. In addition to this, most individuals that drink alcohol regularly often do not indulge in diets that are rich in nutrients.

Medical professionals have discovered that the alcohol substance is quite detrimental to the overall health of the bone marrow. When it reaches this location in the body, the production of the red blood cells is drastically reduced.

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There are many different reasons or causes of anemia. Iron deficiencies and alcoholism are among the most common causes of this condition. There are other potential causes as well. Chronic diseases may cause it – especially kidney disease. This may also be caused by pregnancy, poor nutrition, complications in the gastrointestinal tract, low production in hemoglobin, viral infections, and deformities in red blood cell shape may also cause anemia.