Iron Deficiency & Sickle Cell – The Most Common Types of Anemia

Iron Deficiency & Sickle Cell – The Most Common Types of Anemia

There are many different types of anemia. When it comes to disorders involving nutrition, this medical condition is considered to be the most common. There are a wide array of causes, but the main characteristic of this condition is that the hemoglobin that is found in the red blood cells of the body lacks the appropriate amount of iron to engage in the function of carrying oxygen from one location in the body to another. In this Anemia health guide, you will learn a little about the most common types of this medical condition that exist today.

Iron Deficiency

Medical professionals typically agree that the most common form of anemia occurs when there is a general deficiency of iron throughout the body. While this type of deficiency is common to both males and females, it is often observed in the female population more so than in the male population.

In the United States alone, it has been estimated that well over twenty million individuals suffer from this type of Anemia. Because the body lacks appropriate amounts of iron, it results in a drastic decrease of the hemoglobin within the body. In turn, Anemia develops.

Sickle Cell

When it comes to common types of anemia, Sickle Cell ranks as one of the highest. This is a genetic health complication that is typically diagnosed among the population that has African descent in their family. When an individual suffers from this type of anemia, their body is rapidly engaging in the overall destruction of the red blood cells.

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As a result, there is a continuous shortage of these cells. When the cells are created, they are in the shape of a sickle. They are also relatively rigid. As you can see from the information contained here, there are many different common types of anemia, but iron deficiency and sickle cell are among the most common.