Natural Tips To Cure Anemia

Natural Tips To Cure Anemia

Are you feeling dizzy and dull lately? Are you getting tired easily with little effort and seems exhausted all the time? If you have such kind of symptoms, then you should check hemoglobin level of your blood quickly because chances are there that you are suffering from Anemia. Anemia, a medical condition in which hemoglobin level of body decreases below the acceptable limit.

What is hemoglobin? Hemoglobin is a protein found in the red blood cells of our body, which transports oxygen from the lungs to the different parts of our body. It does also carry CO2 from the cell and make it back to lungs.

Reasons For low-hemoglobin level: The normal hemoglobin level in healthy human body ranges in between 11-17mg/dl. Low hemoglobin level usually results of improper diet. The three ingredients necessary for development of hemoglobin are Vitamin B12, iron and folic acid. If your diet doesn’t include a sufficient amount of these ingredients, your body will start losing hemoglobin level gradually.

Natural tips for curing Anemia: First thing to cure anemia is bringing back hemoglobin level to normal range, and it requires the essential ingredients of hemoglobin that body lacks. For that, we have to include a generous amount of iron, B12 and folic acid in our diet.

Body can get iron from animal as well as plant sources, but the iron that we get from animal sources is easily absorbed by the body, and therefore, preferred. Red meat is an excellent source of iron. If you are fond of coffee and tea, then you should stop immediately taking coffee and tea because it hinders absorption of iron.

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Apple and spinach juice are a potent source of iron. One thing you may do for better absorption of iron is not to eat meal one hour before and after the juice.

Vitamin B12 is only found through animal sources. Egg, fish and animal liver hold a significant amount of B12. Taking juice of beetroot one or two times in a day is exceptionally beneficial for anemia

Though vitamin C doesn’t connect with the synthesis of hemoglobin, but it helps in improving absorption of iron in the body so fruits like orange, grapes banana will be useful. Dates, pomegranates and beetroots are considered best fruit for increasing hemoglobin level so eat these fruits as much as you can.