Natural Treatment of Dogs Anemia With Homeopathy

Natural Treatment of Dogs Anemia With Homeopathy

The natural treatment of dogs anemia can work very well when using homeopathy. Homeopathy works by raising the level of the immune system, which is obviously very low in a dog with anemia.

The homeopathic medicine Natrum muriaticum (Nat mur) is made from rock salt. And it is the excessive intake of salt that can be the cause of many maladies, such as anemia. Excess salt puts all the other nutrients out of balance.

Most commercial dog food has too much salt in, so if you are feeding your dog a commercial brand of dog food, this is most likely the cause of the anemia. So by continuing to feed commercial dog food may make this a recurring theme in your dog’s health.

By giving the source of the problem (in this case, the salt) back in a homeopathic (or energetic) form, you are undoing the harm done in the first place.

To select a homeopathic medicine which will have the desired result of raising the immune system, you need to match your dog’s symptoms with some of those of the medicine.

The symptoms of Nat mur include:

chronic anemia

a high thirst

ascites, dropsy or oedema

dry mucous membranes, such as the nose

thin, watery nasal discharge

obstructed nose, so mouth breathes

oral herpes – vesicles (blisters), aphthous ulcers, etc

nephritis, or kidney inflammation with involuntary urination

weak limbs, tender back

loss of hair, with itching

You don’t need to have all the symptoms, but certainly at least three. Nat mur is also a great medicine in the treatment of depression that developed from unresolved grief. Unresolved emotions can play havoc on yours dog’s health just as much as it can on yours. By resolving the grief, the others symptoms disappear, too.

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