Naturally Dealing With Headaches During Pregnancy

Naturally Dealing With Headaches During Pregnancy

It is very common during pregnancy for women to experience headaches. Causes of headaches include an increase in hormones in the body, an increase in blood volume, and/or preeclampsia (high blood pressure) can also cause headaches.

The most common causes for headaches during pregnancy however are a low blood sugar and dehydration, caffeine withdrawal. A lack of sleep, increased pressure on the back and general stress are also common culprits of headaches.

Natural remedies you can try include the application of a warm compress over the eyes, forehead, and nose (for sinus headaches), or a cold compress to back of the neck (to help with tension headaches). You may want to take a warm shower or bath, or get a neck and shoulder massage. Meditation and/or relaxing in a darkened room may also provide some relief. Coconut water is also excellent for re-hydration.

It is important to contact your doctor if you do not achieve any relief from the methods described above. Furthermore, do not take any OTC pain relievers unless you have been given the go-ahead.

You will also want to make an appointment if your headaches worsen or grow more persistent, or are “different” than normal – intensity, location of the pain, etc. Call immediately if your headache occurs accompanied by sudden weight gain, swelling in the hands and face, pain in your upper right abdomen, or blurry vision.

It is normal for you to experience headaches during your pregnancy, as your body is simply undergoing many changes. There are many actions you can take to try to reduce the number of headaches you suffer, as well as treat them without medications. But be sure to contact your doctor if anything unusual occurs, for both your health and peace of mind.

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