Orange County Detox Center

If you are suffering from the pangs of addiction, it is high time that you get into a clean life. Otherwise, social non-acceptance, depression, madness, insecurity, joblessness, and the list goes on and on … well, these will be the results. What’s more into focus is that you will be a huge burden for your family!

An immediate help is the Lighthouse Treatment Center Orange County.

Who is the Lighthouse Treatment Center?

Lighthouse Treatment Center is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in the Westside of California. The team is committed to help people whose lives are now revolving around addiction. We aim at regaining the self esteem of the individuals, making them confident and preparing them for the outer world. In a nutshell, we gift addicts a sober life.


Since we believe that addiction can be treated and that anybody can recover with the help of proper guidance, we aim at the following principles:

  1. We offer hope to the families of the addicts
  2. We make the addicts dream of a better lifestyle
  3. We lend our helping hands to the addicts and their families
  4. We try to build a healthy environment in the world for all
  5. We work upon such programs that create a lasting effect upon the addict

Why choose Lighthouse Treatment Center?

Out of so many, choosing Lighthouse is never a difficult task for the following reasons:

  • Safe and comfortable medication assisted by detox process

There is 24 hours nursing and psychiatry providing medical support. Doctors prescribe comfortable medication and detox process during the withdrawal period. The substance with which you are addicted is well treated. For living, separate rooms are accommodated that has no connection to the hospital. If required, medical intervention will take place before detoxification.

  • 100% proven treatment modalities
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This system includes processes like:

  1. Evidence based treatment
  2. Detoxification
  3. Cognitive behavior therapy
  4. Dialectical behavior therapy
  5. Holistic treatment
  6. Residential intensive treatment
  7. Seeking safety
  8. 12 step model
  9. Dual diagnosis
  10. Relapse prevention
  11. Life skills training
  12. LGBTQ friendly
  13. Family therapy
  14. Outcome measurement

  • Holistic healing and alternative treatment activities

The center organizes physical training programs. They include yoga in the early morning, mind body fitness, meditation, balanced meal, some indoor activities, music or art therapy, and mindfulness training.

  • Comfortable and spacious residential campus

Staying in Lighthouse Treatment Center will never be a problem. The campus consists of beautiful garden, both single and double bedrooms, luxurious rooms, clean bathrooms, modern appliances, house phones and above all, a safe environment.

  • Aftercare planning and transitional support

This step includes:

  • Outpatient treatment
  • Mentor and sponsorship support
  • Alumni meetings
  • Alumni outings
  • Sober lifestyle and transitional housing
  • Self help meetings

  • Compassionate and experienced clinical team

The team belonging to this rehab center consists of all master class therapists who can assist you through thick and thin. Besides, you can get special care and good counselors. The staff to client ratio is 2:1. So, someone will be assisting you always.

  • Company and leadership

The Lighthouse Treatment Center has been treating patients for ages. So, you can guess about its reputation. It is like good old wine!

  • Acceptance of insurance

Payments in the form of insurance in the name of the patient are accepted duly.