Premature Greying Hair

Premature Greying Hair

The early onset of grey hair can be rather embarrassing for both men and women. Some people start to go grey as early as their teens, early 20s or 30s; this can be classified as premature greying. Normally it is a gradual process.

Within the body there is a special type of cell known as Melanocytes which is concentrated within the epidermis throughout the skin. Through a process known as melanogenesis, the Melanocytes, are present in the hair follicles which are located next to the dermal sheath. The melanocytes are situated near the keratinocyte cells which produce keratin, the basic composition of hair. Melanocytes and keratinocytes both contribute to the hair pigmentation and growth.

Due to several reasons, the stem cells may produce less Melanocytes which interferes with sufficient production of melanin which produces healthy hair. Over time, hair will start to lose its natural colour due to a lack of pigmentation. This is due to the aging process where less pigment is produced as the person ages. Premature graying of the hair may be due to a genetic predisposition, however there are also certain lifestyle factors which play an influential part in graying hair which consist of:

Smoking. Research has found that smoking is extremely bad. It is linked withpremature ageing and can slow melanin production therefore causing loss of pigmentation in hair colour.

Stress. It has been established that there is a link between stress and graying hair. According to research excessive stress is the catalyst of free and unstable molecules that can damage vulnerable cells such as Melanocytes and interfere with melanin production. Stress is also a main cause of a sudden hair loss known as telogen effluvium which causes hair growth to stop prematurely causing the Melanocytes to shut down in the body.

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Vitamin B12 deficiency anemia. Vitamin B12 and the other vitamins in the B group are essential for healthy hair growth. These vitamins are vital to ensure that adequate pigmentation is maintained in order to deter the growth of premature grey hairs.

If premature graying hair is brought on by conditions such as malnutrition including anemia graying of hair may only be temporary and when the underlying condition is corrected normal hair growth will resume. Healthy hair requires adequate nutrition otherwise you will notice that your hair will gradually become lighter, thinner and extremely brittle.

It is possible to conceal grey hair with hair colour but you will need to ensure that the colour can provide full grey coverage as not all colours are designed for grey hair. Unfortunately grey hair is often dry and the colour may dry it out even more and therefore a wig or hair piece may be more of a practical option.

It is possible that hair thinning causes can be addressed if properly diagnosed by a medical professional.