Pruritus Causes

Pruritus Causes

Do you know what the term pruritus means? It’s a medical word that refers to itching. Now that you’re more familiar with it, you probably already have some ideas of what might cause this symptom. In this article, a couple of pruritus causes are mentioned — perhaps you hadn’t associated them with it yet.


Is this one a bit of a surprise? Having diabetes may lead a person to experience pruritus. That, however, is just one of the symptoms of this condition. For instance, there may be rashes that show up on the patient. He may have a level of thirst that is raised beyond where it usually is at. Other symptoms may also exist.

Did you know that there are multiple kinds of diabetes? Types 1 and 2 may be more frequently known. In the past they were commonly known, respectively, as juvenile and adult-onset diabetes. In the former, there is a deficiency of insulin. In the latter, that may exist, but it is characterized by a resistance to insulin. Another kind of diabetes is the gestational form, which occurs in women who are pregnant, and had not previously been diagnosed with any type of this disease.

Iron deficiency anemia

This may be a bit of a shocker, as well. This form of anemia occurs where the person has a level of iron that is low. Pruritus may be present in patient with iron deficiency anemia (IDA). Losing hair is another potential symptom of this condition. Muscle twitching might also happen. The skin may be pale — this is referred to as pallor.

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A variety of medical causes can lead to a case of IDA in a patient. One possibility is if a patient has intestinal bleeding. In some cases, the person simply doesn’t ingest enough of this mineral in his diet to meet the body’s needs. When that is the case, the doctor may suggest a diet higher in iron, with more foods like beans. The doctor may also recommend supplements in some cases where they may be considered safe and useful. If the medical cause is something else, then the treatment might be completely different.