Some Lymphoma Symptoms

Some Lymphoma Symptoms

Lymphoma is a kind of cancer that affects the patient’s lymphatic cells. These are part of the immune system. Naturally, it is a serious medical condition. Someone that has this cancer may show lymphoma symptoms. Do keep in mind, however, that a person could have this malignancy without displaying any of the symptoms mentioned here. Also, what you read on this page isn’t a complete list — nor is it, of course, intended to be used in place of advice from a doctor.


The condition known as anemia may develop as one of the lymphoma symptoms. While anemia can refer to multiple situations, in many cases it is an instance of fewer than normal red blood cells in the individual’s blood. This can medically occur in multiple ways: whether by a lack of sufficient production of them, by their destruction in high amounts, or by a the loss of a significantly high amount of blood. These, at least, are the three main ways in which it can occur.

Aside from lymphoma, other medical causes of anemia are also possible. For instance, it may be due do a deficiency in vitamin B12. In this case, the condition is labeled as the pernicious form.

Shortness of breath

A person who has lymphoma may also experience breathlessness as a symptom. This is far from the only medical cause, however. Congestive heart failure is another possible reason. It can also occur in instances of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which is where chronic bronchitis and emphysema are present at once. Asthma is also a reason behind shortness of breath. Pneumonia and many other medical reasons can also be behind it. There are various diagnostic methods that can be used to look for or rule out possible causes, with a chest X-ray being one of the possibilities. There may be particular treatment methods that are aimed at this cause, if it is found.

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