Testosterone and the Effects of Aging on Men

Testosterone and the Effects of Aging on Men

Testosterone and aging – what does this have in common and how does it effect the aging man? Physicians have long believed that the level of testosterone declines as a man ages. How can a man know if there testosterone is low. Every man is different and everyone has a different symptom of having low levels. Most doctors do not check levels regularly. You need to educate yourself on the subject and ask you doctor to check it on a regular basis. Low levels can effect your moods and also cause chronic fatigue as well as brain fog.

Testosterone is always thought of as a sex hormone but it’s much more then that and it plays a significant role in men aging. Higher levels can prevent diabetes and does lower LDL cholesterol levels and as well as lowers your blood sugar. It can increase red blood cells and protect against anemia. Testosterone is also important in women’s health and aging as well. Men should find a way to fit more exercise and healthy eating habits into their diet. We need to find the proper nutrition balance.

We need to eliminate eating processed foods that can lower your levels. Men need to think more of what you’re putting into your body because it could have a negative effect on your levels in the long run. Talk to your doctor as well as your nutrition consultant and personal trainer about what ways you can start increasing your testosterone levels and slow down the aging process. Many men have even felt like they have reversed the aging process by simply elevating their testosterone levels.

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Insufficient levels of testosterone have been associated with obesity, diabetes as well as hypertension. After the age of 50 levels start to decrease rapidly and after the age of 80 years old testosterone will decrease by 20 to 50 percent. By maintaining a normal level you will see results with your energy levels and your sexual desire. you will have a more healthy mood.