The Benefits of Taking Vitamin B12 and Why You Need More of It

The Benefits of Taking Vitamin B12 and Why You Need More of It

Do you feel tired a lot of the time?  Is it hard to motivate yourself to move due to exhaustion?  Chances are good you are missing an important element of your diet.  This lethargy could be caused by inadequate amounts of B vitamins, most especially B12.

These are considered energy vitamins.  Many times, people who are working long, hard hours will take extra tablets just to get through the job.  It comes in very handy for them.

There is a reason you may not be getting enough 12; your diet.  If you avoid animal products, chances are good you are already very deficient.  Those who eat beef and/or seafood rarely may also have the problem.  There are, of course, alternatives, but you have to look for them.

Those who don’t consume enough of this valuable vitamin can quickly become anemic.  12 helps your body build red blood cells, the kind that carry the oxygen around your body.  Lack of it can slow this process, leaving you weak, tired and vulnerable to infections.  Over time, deficiency can cause nerve damage, depression and dementia.

There are several reasons for 12 deficiency.  One, as mentioned above, is the avoidance of animal products.  Milk, cheese, eggs and meat all contain it and many people get more than enough.  Vegans and those who don’t eat a varied diet are at risk.  So are those with pernicious anemia, celiac disease and some who’ve had stomach surgery.

It is strongly recommended that you check with your doctor if you suspect you are suffering from anemia.  Blood tests can show what is wrong, and a proper treatment can be devised.  This can range from taking a sublingual tablet on a daily basis to regular shots of it.  Catching it early can prevent a lot of nasty problems.

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When you are speaking with your doctor, be sure to tell him or her if you are following a special diet and what that is.  Many times this will point out the problem area.  Also tell the doctor if you have ongoing medical issues and of any medications/supplements you might be on.  This will help prevent side effects and harmful drug/herb interactions.