Treating Fibroids – Eating and Drinking Healthily

Treating Fibroids – Eating and Drinking Healthily

Its all about learning about your body – and finding what your body can break down easily and what it can’t. Red meat has always been a difficult food to digest. Red meat is not appropriate for the intestines because once we chew the meats and it tries passing through the intestines, it usually gets stuck and blocks the intestines therefore unless we eat foods which will remove the blockage, the waste turns into toxins which then causes us ills.

Red meat isn’t popular around the liver and kidney area. Those organs are always busily trying to break down the food particles and are always happy to see the likes of raw foods and healthy drinks passing through because their work is easy then. Once the body starts eating all the steaks, burgers, beef and lamb, it takes longer to digest and longer to eliminate.

Eating healthily is definitely worth the effort. Our body systems are used to being able to digest foods and break down the particles easily so introducing raw foods and living foods which are not cooked and which are lighter food substances enables the body to function in a better manner.

Eating healthily to assist in keeping the fibroids at bay would definitely welcome raw foods i.e. all salads, fruit and vegetables – preferably organic. The goodness these foods possess is unbelievable and you have to experience what transformation such basis foods offers the body if eaten on a regular basis without incorporating cooked foods which destroys the enzymes which the body craves for in order for the body to operate systematically and perfectly.

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As well as eating healthily, you need to make sure your intake of drinks is pure juice or smoothie (home made), plenty of water and also herbal teas would suffice. Fruits and vegetables can be juiced in a juicer and drank at least half an hour before each meal and this boosts your vitality rating and also your energy level 10 fold. Finding the right balance is the key to a healthy appetite. Take gradual steps to changing the way you eat. Its all worth it. There are plenty of recipes which could help you on your way to transforming you into a healthier you.