Treating Fibroids – Foods – What Not to Eat

Treating Fibroids – Foods – What Not to Eat

Little do we know that the main reasons for our fibroids growing bigger is the foods we eat and the excess of estrogen which finds its way into our internal body. Research has shown that women from the Afro Caribbean and Asian cultures suffers with larger fibroids than women of Caucasian culture. Looking at the different diets of those races, I have found that the core reasons why there is such a difference in the amount of women in the African Caribbean and Asian cultures is that we eat a lot of animal food – far more than that found in the Caucasian culture. Why is this?

For the African and Asian cultures, their diets usually consist of white rice, potatoes and animal meats i.e. chicken, red meat and fish. Mostly chicken – and chicken which is not organic, is injected with antibodies/pesticides in order that they can grow bigger in order that they can sell quicker and this contributes to toxins poisons being embedded in the internal body thus causing the fibroids to feed on same and fibroids grow bigger.

One of the main benefits of looking at what we eat is that we can learn so much about our bodies and the foods we eat which we do not realize is damaging us internally. Chicken I can assure you is one of the main reasons for our illnesses. Less chicken is better for us as much as we may find it delicious to eat – but seriously, the consequences that eating too much chicken causes is not worth thinking about so by cutting down the amount of chicken that you eat will assist in keeping your fibroids from growing larger. Also the more organic foods you consume, the better it is for us all as the pesticides is the cause of a lot of ills and we need to find an alternative way of dealing with keeping the toxins out of our system. If chicken is a must in your diet, as expensive as it is, eat organic chicken instead of mainstream chicken.

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So going organic is one of the alternatives to assisting your internal body system and cutting down on toxins in your body. As well as chicken, you have to be aware of the amount of white products you eat too. White products are white bread, potatoes, pasta, also dairy products, i.e. cheese, milk – and to counterbalance those products, it is vital that you eat brown bread, brown rice, brown pasta, soya products instead of the dairy and also watch your sugar intake. You must be thinking that’s a lot that you have to change in order to be able to keep your fibroids at bay. I thought the same thing when I started.

Don’t get me wrong, it is difficult at first to stop eating certain foods, I experienced it and I know. I love my food and didn’t think that I would have been able to live without red meat, chicken, bread potatoes, milk, sugar and so many other products that I have been able to do without. Its knowing what damage has been caused and will continue to affect us internally unless we change our eating habits and once I was on the road to improving my body system, I realized that I would not go back to eating how I used to.