Treating Fibroids – Listening to Your Body

Treating Fibroids – Listening to Your Body

I love my food! Well who doesn’t! I remember years ago telling a friend who told me he was not vegetarian that I could never live without eating any form of meat – therefore it was impossible that I could ever be a vegetarian! Today that’s a different story! As much as I have not completely stopped eating chicken and red meat, I have cut down the amount I consume on a weekly basis.

I used to eat chicken every day and that was a healthy way of eating for me because I used to eat chicken and baked vegetables for lunch and then eat roast chicken in the evening with a salad or portion of rice. When I told a health practitioner of my daily eating regime, she informed me that I am eating too much chicken and she enlightened me on the life of a chicken and toxins which were then channeled in our bodies by way of toxins! I was then told that my fibroids are growing larger as the fibroids were feeding on the toxins from the pesticides that the animal meats were transporting to our inner body. I was very surprised and shocked.

It didn’t take me long to cut down on the amount of chicken that I consumed on a weekly basis and then I started to eat more fish. I did my research and found what fish was best to eat as I did not want to pollute my internal body with fish that was infested with mercury! Once I decided what fish to eat, I had to make that transformation which I have stuck to and if I do eat chicken, I make sure it is either organic or free range chicken as I am not prepared to be informed of more fibroids growing. I got to the stage in my life whereby changing the way I eat I now listen to my body and keep in tune with what is occurring.

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By listening to my body and responding to it, I improved my health and responded to what it was conveying to me. I became more aware of what I could and could not eat and felt that by eating more raw foods I became a stronger person, aware of my inner strength, vitality, improved eyesight, lighter framed person and at the same time, I lost weight! I felt wonderful in myself and I could relate more to my body and the messages it was relaying to me as to what I could and could not eat. I feel so much freer now being able to combat the uncomfortable bloated stomachs, the constipation, the lethargic early evenings – I could go on.

Its all about the foods we eat. We need to be able to find our own solution in combating all the ills which we don’t realize is associated with the foods we eat. We need to be able to listen to our body and take heed with what it is trying to tell us. Its that simple – watch what you eat and drink. Be more health conscious as it does pay off in the long run – leaving you feeling mightier than before and at the same time giving you the opportunity of longevity.