Treating Fibroids – The Importance of Changing Foods

Treating Fibroids – The Importance of Changing Foods

Being diagnosed with fibroids and making a decision whether or not to undergo the hysterectomy operation, I had to think quickly because I could be operated on the very next day. I could not decide whether to go through the operation I was confused, stressed and doubted my ability to make the decision.

Once I had made the decision, I decided I had to find an alternative way of dealing with the heavy blood loss and talking to a dear friend who had experienced what I was going through and had controlled her bleeding and her fibroid growth, I decided to follow the same strategy that she used. I could not think twice, whether or not the foods I had to stop eating was going to be tough or not, I had not choice. Once I had made up my mind to either eat and drink sensibly or undergo the major operation, I had to focus on saving my uterus and first of all controlling the amount of blood that I was losing.

It didn’t enter my mind at all what I was missing where foods were concerned. My ultimate goal was to save my uterus. So I followed this new health plan to a “T” – no more red meats, no chicken, unless organic and more fruit and vegetables with fish – coupled with excellent herbal organic supplements and lots of juicing.

In the first week of my newfound health plan, I felt invigorated, I felt different, I felt that I did not want to touch any bad foods, I was happy continuing the way I was eating! I noticed I visited the toilet more often, I noticed my stool was much softer and I was getting used to eating differently and more healthily. It was a journey that was a big eye opener to the way I have been eating for so many years and the change in foods was a welcoming introduction to what now is my healthy way of eating and drinking.

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Changing the way you eat more healthily is for the best. You will feel better emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. You will feel revitalized, energized and full of strength, combating tiredness and stress. It’s a fantastic feeling once you stop eating red meat, stop drinking milk and alcohol and transforming your meals to healthier meals will thus change your way of eating and drinking and at the same time, you will have introduced more nutrients, minerals, enzymes and much more healthier ingredients into your body.