Treating Fibroids – Treating Anemia

Treating Fibroids – Treating Anemia

Being diagnosed with fibroids I had to think fast whether or not I should submit myself to going through the hysterectomy operation and having my fibroids taken out. I had been diagnosed only a week prior to the operation date and the surgeon was adamant that he wanted me to have this operation! I didn’t have time to think I didn’t have time to understand what the whole procedure was about I just said yes I will have the operation if it is going to start the loss of blood that I had been experiencing.

Prior to the visit to the surgeon’s office, I had been informed by my doctor that the loss of blood was so drastic that I had lost weight and had contracted anemia. My doctor did not realize straight away that I had been suffering with anemia. He noticed my loss of weight and my prolonged periods but he had not detected that I had anemia and this took him 3 months to realize in which time weight had dropped off.

Once he realized he subscribed me with iron tablets which controlled the bleeding but as most drugs carry, they were also prone to side effects. Once I was informed of this by my doctor, I had to find an alternative method. So a trip to see my nutritionist paid off and she insisted that I purchase some organic herbal supplements which would not only control the bleeding, it also returned lost blood cells and also nutrients which the body was lacking – and this she found out just by looking at my tongue and eyes – amazing stuff!

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So what I am saying to you is get off the drugs and find alternative organic herbal supplements which is just as fantastic in the results you will gain and at the same time you will be instilling some more nutrients, minerals and vitality back into your body. Its time to make that change – also change the way you eat – eat more healthily – this will also reduce your weight, it will add more important properties to your internal body temple and it will rejuvenate, strengthen and invigorate your whole body. It needs looking after and in turn your body will look after you.