Treating Fibroids – Unhealthy Foods

Treating Fibroids – Unhealthy Foods

We do not realize that the everyday foods we eat are not good for us. We do not realize that all the cooked foods we eat daily destroys all the enzymes that our body requires. We do not realize that we should be eating at least 70% raw food and live foods which consist of fruit and vegetables daily and those foods are so full of nutrition that we do not realize our body yearns for and we need not eat the flesh foods as often as we do – and if we do eat flesh foods, they should be organic and absolutely no red meat. One of the reasons for fibroids in the uterus is the foods we eat

But we are brought up eating all those unhealthy foods that until we are ill, we do not realize what harm we are experiencing. Majority people have bad diets. Majority people will find it difficult to stop eating flesh foods because that’s how they have always eaten – always eating flesh foods. Not realizing where the harm is – its in our everyday foods – being part of our western living lifestyle.

How can we educate everyone and let them know that its now time to stop and start eating healthily? How can we assist in teaching people that they need to change their way of eating? Does it have to be a case of having to suffer an illness before we transform the way we eat?

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Eating dairy products is so bad for us – the mucus delivered in our body temples causes ills and this is through the pesticides fed into the animals. The way the food is processed the ingredients that are incorporated in making our cheeses, in the milk, that’s where a lot of us fall foul to diseases. Do we not know that the amount of pesticides and toxins that chickens are injected with causes lots of our ailments. Do we not know that by cooking our foods, we are removing all the nutrients and all the enzymes which our body lacks. Do we not realize that our body needs the enzymes in order for the body to function? No, we are not aware of any of this. Until we educate ourselves and find out what our body relies heavily on in order to function properly, we are going to continue being ignorant and won’t discover the root cause of our problems. We need to educate ourselves – we need to realize what our body yearns for goodness and vitality and it is up to us as individuals to learn what our body craves for.

What I am saying is that we need to be eating more raw and living foods. All the cooked foods are not giving us or feeding us with anything nutritious that our body requires. We need to start eating more raw and less cooked foods.

Raw foods consist of all fruit and vegetables. We are not all aware of all the properties that these nutritional foods contain. A lot of us are unaware of all the goodness that all the fruits and vegetables have to offer to our body temples. We need to educate ourselves and learn about what our body really needs and feed our bodies with the correct and appropriate valuable foods.

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