Treating Fibroids – What Foods to Eat?

Treating Fibroids – What Foods to Eat?

Drinking lots of water is a good thing – also eating as much raw food as possible is another transition. Raw foods are foods which are uncooked and the benefits include feeling younger in yourself, having more energy, clearer skin and an untroubled digestive system that is packed with enzymes because the food is not cooked. When we cook our foods we lose all the enzymes which are what the body craves in order to function perfectly. Recipes for raw foods can include tomato salad or any salad not cooked, vegetables chips, almond olive cream with hummus just a taster of what raw food cooking (preparation!) entails. Raw foods are all fruits and vegetables and you will be surprised with the type of recipes that you produce. No more dairy products – which forms mucus in the body and no more blowing your nose. Be creative and experiment with raw foods and discover new menus.

Through eating raw foods many people made the transition because of searching for an end to certain symptoms like chronic fatigue, cancer, candida and other allergies and the result were mind blowing. It may be difficult making the transformation from cooked foods to live raw foods but gradually introducing more salads into your daily eating would help you prepare yourself.

A lot of the time we tend to not take any illness seriously unless we are in a dilemma! Taking your eating seriously may not happen to you until you find yourself having to change the way you eat otherwise you could cause yourself to become ill. Why wait until then? Be one of those people who are looking for an alternative eating method – who want to eliminate all the bad foods and reintroduce the body with good healthy raw foods – who doesn’t want to wait until you have an illness and have to have a major operation. Start by gradually changing the way you eat now and look healthier, feel fitter and keep that way. Don’t you think that is a better way to deal with your health? Be healthier now and don’t wait any for any illness to arise – deal with improving your health right now. Listen to your body and make that transition.

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I must admit that my diet was appalling and like so many people you would never think that there is a correlation between what you eat and your health. We need to look after ourselves and its about educating the others who take life for granted and just eat all the junk food possible and think its only obese people who have health problems with their foods – WRONG!

So eating mostly raw and organic foods and drink vegetable and fruit juices (which you should juice yourself in a juicer) works wonders to our internal system and also makes a difference to our external system by the change in the improvement of our skin, feel younger, more vitality, stronger hair and nails and so many other positive attributes to the body.