Your Weight Loss Regimen Might Be Helped by B12 Shots

Your Weight Loss Regimen Might Be Helped by B12 Shots

Most fad diets have at least one fundamental flaw when it comes to providing adequate nutrition levels. Low carb diets focus on removing starches from the diet, but end up depleting fiber, vitamins and minerals. On the other hand, if your diet consists of mostly plant sources, you may be losing out on the B vitamins, and most particularly B12.

Why would that be a problem? There are several ways that it could not just cause your diet to end in failure, it could affect your health. Here are a few signs that you may have the problem:

Anemia: Both a lack of iron and a lack of this important vitamin can cause symptoms of anemia. If you also notice that you are paler than normal, get short of breath easily and you have trouble sleeping, this could be the cause.

Energy: This is one of the factors that could undo all the efforts you are putting into your weight loss plan. All of the B vitamins help keep your energy levels up, and twelve is one of the most important. Without energy, it will be difficult to exercise.

Fatigue: Besides a lack of energy, you may find yourself feeling like you need a good, long nap.

Nausea: To make matters worse, once you’ve depleted your body’s resources, it becomes harder to convince yourself to eat anything. The nausea you feel could make the whole problem worse.

Nerve Health: The cells that form your nervous system rely on this vitamin to be healthy. A lack of it can result in nerve damage, anxiety and noticeable changes in behavior.

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There are some things you need to do if you suspect that you have this deficiency. The first is to go to your doctor. You’ll want to make sure that this is your problem, and only a doctor can diagnose it. If the doctor determines that this is your problem, he or she will probably suggest the following:

Consult a Nutritionist: It’s always best to get your needed nutrition from what you eat. Finding a diet plan that will do that can be hard on your own, but a nutritionist can help you find a diet that will provide adequate resources within the calorie count you need.

Supplements/Shots: While in the office, the doctor may suggest a shot, but you will want to ask about a daily supplement. This particular vitamin is different from most, in that it is best taken sublingual, or under your tongue. It melts and then is circulated through your body.

Reaching and maintaining your ideal weight is an important goal. In order to make sure you can do it successfully requires adequate nutrition, and that includes B12.